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Wikipedia is the world's largest free encyclopedia. It is also open for anyone to contribute - this means that you can directly change Wikipedia pages and contribute to the world's largest free knowledge resource! You can do all this using the Browse Activity.

Let's look at an example. I will open the English Wikipedia page on bicycles:


We can read this page and learn all about bicycles but we can also add our own information to the page for others to read and benefit. To do this we simply click the "edit this page" link:


Now the look of the page changes:


The box you see with all the text actually contains the same text that you saw before except that you can now change it. You do this by simply typing in the box and adding, moving, or deleting text. You can add any information you think would be a good addition. When you are finished you need to click outside of the box and use the down-arrow on the keyboard to scroll down to the "Save page" button.


Click the "Save page" button - your additions are saved and you have made your first contribution to the worlds largest free encyclopedia!

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