Starting Browse

You can start the Browse Activity from the Home View or the List View. With luck you see the Browse icon on the Desktop:


You just need to start the Browse Activity by clicking the globe shown above.

If you do not see the Browse Activity icon on the Home View then you have to open it from the List View. To do this you need to first be in the Home View and click the List View icon:


Clicking this displays the list of Activities available to you. It is a long list and you can scroll down until you see the Browse Activity icon:


You can now either click the icon and the Browse Activity starts OR you can add the Activity to your favorites. If you add the Activity to your favorites it displays in the Home View. To do this click the star next to its name. This changes the color of the star. Next you must return to the Home View by clicking its icon at the top right of the List View:


This returns you to the Home View and then you can open the Browse Activity as explained above.

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