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Writing is one of the most powerful means of personal expression ever invented. The expression, "the pen is mightier than the sword" has rung true through out history.

It is important that the world hear your voice and you can make you voice heard, whether through a blog, a letter to the editor, a comment on a page in the Wikipedia, or by some other means. Write gives the power of expression as well as the means to share your expression with others.

If you want to write a letter to the editor, you first need to look in the newspaper or on the paper's web site to find their e-mail address for letters. Some newspapers have a policy of publishing all appropriate letters sent to the editor, but most are more selective.  All require you to include your complete name, address, and a contact telephone number. You can, however, request that your letter be published with "name withheld" if you want. Most editors call you to verify that you really did write the letter before printing it.  They also reserve the right to edit your letter to fit the available space on the page.

If you keep your letter short and to the point, you have a better chance of experiencing the thrill of seeing your own words in print.  Good luck!


Children in the Galadima School in Abuja, Nigeria used Write to write letters to the president of Nigeria with suggestions about how he could improve the conditions of school for all the children of Nigeria.

Children in Ban Samkha, Thailand used Write to share ideas with their teachers, their families, and their community.

Children in Khairat, India use Write (and Record) to survey their village and compile a report to the community.

Children in Uruguay and Colombia are writing blog entries, also known as blogging. Blog entries are typically chronologically ordered essays or stories.

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