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Andrew McMillan

VP of Software contracted under Morphoss

Andrew has worked at all levels in IT projects from programmer through
to IS Manager, designing, implementing and managing systems for
accounting, property management, personnel, payroll, electronic data
interchange, executive information, reference documentation, budgeting,
tax-agent management and remote equipment control.

Andrew was one of the founders of New Zealand's largest free software
development house "Catalyst IT" in 1997 and was significant in setting
overall technical direction of the company, including substantial
involvement in major projects such as the architecture of the ".nz"
Shared Registry System and the systems for maintaining the Electoral

Andrew has been active in the Open Source community for many years as a
member of the Debian project, and as the primary developer of the
DAViCal open source CalDAV server, and of the aCal CalDAV client for
Android. In 2012 he was appointed to the Steering Committee of the
Calendaring & Scheduling Consortium, a non-profit 501(C) association
dedicated to improving the standards and interoperability of calendars.

In 2008 Andrew founded Morphoss in order to focus more particularly on
Android development and the free open-source software industry.