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You can become a part of the One Laptop per Child community. OLPC has volunteer groups in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the South Pacific. There are also regional volunteering groups in many American states and cities that you can get involved with locally.

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We offer both formal and informal internships in the US and throughout the world. Interns help find innovative solutions to furthering OLPC objectives, and advocate OLPC's principles in deployments. The Intern program is run by the OLPC Association based in Miami, Florida.

You can also write to us about other ongoing volunteer opportunities.

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OLPC currently deploys in 19 local languages, and the OLPC translation community is working on over 90 more. You can become a part of the translation team, and see the status of our translations.

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Sometimes kids and adults need a little extra help with their laptop. They want to know how to install a new program, or fix a problem. We have a very dedicated team of volunteers that assist users with problems. Not much technical experience is necessary

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New learning activities, teacher tools, games and other programs are constantly being developed. Schools often have specific requests that developers worldwide can help with, and existing packages need improvements and translation into other environments. If you would like to help develop software for the XO, join our OLPC devel and Sugar devel mailing lists.

Further resources for developers

Events of all sorts—on education, technology, culture, games, ecology, and children's events—are often interested in having an OLPC table. Print out a few flyers, make your own presentation, and organize a presence there. This is a great way to find other enthusiasts in your field or city. You can also plan an OLPC Jam focused on creating games, tools, or other materials.

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