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Vision 2020, a document published by the Government of Rwanda in July of 2000, outlined plans for the nation to move "from the humanitarian assistance phase associated with the 1994 genocide into one of sustainable development" to become a middle-income country by the year 2020. A pillar of the nation's plans to accomplish this task is to move from an agricultural to a knowledge-based economy.

Thanks to the generosity of Give One Get One participants in 2007, 10,000 laptops were donated to Rwanda and are already in use across the country. The Honorable President Paul Kagame has recently expressed Rwanda's commitment to saturate its primary schools with a commitment to 120,000 by 2012.

OLPC has also helped to open a Global Center for Excellence in Laptops and Learning at the Kigali Institute for Science, Technology and Management (KIST) in Kigali. The purpose of the Center is to create the highest quality examples of learning with connected laptops in schools and communities, support ongoing laptop implementation plans in Rwanda, and create an African regional laptop network.

    Rwanda at a glance
  • Official Languages: Kinyarwanda, French, English
  • Capital: Kigali
  • Area: 26,338 km2 (10,169 mi2)
  • Population (Jul. 2009): 10 mil
  • Density: 380/km2
  • GDP (per capita 2008): $465
  • Laptops committed: 120,000