one laptop per child

A small machine with a big mission. The XO is a potent learning tool designed and built especially for children in developing countries, living in some of the most remote environments. It’s about the size of a small textbook. It has built-in wireless and a unique screen that is readable under direct sunlight for children who go to school outdoors. It’s extremely durable, brilliantly functional, energy-efficient, and fun.

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3D Laptop Animation

Recent News
Rwanda film camp teaches children to make documentaries with XOs
Share | December 12
"Human Race" contest raises funds for OLPC in Australia
Share | December 7
Lubang Island starts an OLPC project in the Philippines
Share | December 4
US and Uruguay pledge to increase shared research on education
Share | November 22
'Map Uganda' activity helps children map their country
Share | November 7
Peru expands OLPC program to 800,000 children
Share | November 5
Nicholas on OLPC and robots, on the Colbert Report
Share | October 25
OLPC San Francisco hosts global grassroots summit
Share | October 23
Telstra drums up support for OLPC Australia
Share | October 12
Nicholas discusses the Mideast and the XO-3
Share | October 7
Costa Rica hosts OLPC planning summit (es)
Share | October 6
Marvell provides $5.6M grant for OLPC tablet development
Share | October 4
Tablets should be tools for creation: OLPC and Marvell
Share | September 30
5000 aboriginal children in Canada to receive XOs
Share | September 29
OLPC and Wired present 'Internet for Peace' prize to Shakira
Share | September 21
Project RED: 1-to-1 laptop programs broadly successful in the US
Rwanda plans distribution of 65,000 laptops this Fall
Share | September 7
Uruguay: Butía and Turtle Art make XO-powered robots
Share | September 1
XO laptops help healing in Haiti
Share | August 29
An Open Letter to India
Welcome: $35 tablet for education

Guyana's president Jagdeo pledges $30M to laptops for poor children
Share | August 15
Rwandans see future in OLPC and access to knowledge
Share | August 9
Oceania: Kiribati puts XO into 2011 education plan
Share | August 6
Argentina embraces OLPC, supports Bolivia
Share | August 5
Miguel Brechner presents Uruguay's Plan CEIBAL: TEDx Buenos Aires
XO summer camp concludes in Ramallah
Share | July 24
Maureen Orth talks about 2 years of OLPC in Colombia
Share | July 22
OLPC in Peru will reach every primary school next year (Es)
Share | July 16
Team One Beep wins global prize
Share | July 9
OLPC's new multitouch design
Share | July 8
Can OLPC Transform Rwanda?
Share | June 28
Australia's Ed Council reviews OLPC
Share | June 22
Open Video Chat on the XO
Share | June 21
XO for High Schools in Uruguay
Share | June 13
Streaming TV + radio on the XO
Share | June 6
Marvell to co-develop OLPC tablets
Share | May 27
Developing minds in Haiti
Share | May 20
East African education and OLPC
Share | May 19
Gaza students present their work
Share | May 16
Ending violence in Afghanistan
Share | May 15
After Saturation: a Ceibal story
Share | May 13

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