one laptop per child

Director of Corporate and Foundation Outreach

OLPC seeks a Director for Corporate and Foundation Outreach who will work to establish long-term partnerships with institutions interested in and willing to advance the cause of one laptop per child in the world’s least developed countries and beyond. This person will aggressively seek out opportunities to secure both monetary and in-kind assistance from foundations and corporations around the world who have a strong interest in assisting poorer nations wishing to implement large-scale laptop projects. The Director will actively seek out corporate and foundation leaders who share our vision that children who have the opportunity to create, to explore, to learn and to connect, are children with an unlimited future.

OLPC believes that providing children the opportunity for education and connection in many poor countries will require not only a complete commitment at the governmental level in-country, but also from partners representing civil society, the private sector and international institutions who have a stake in dramatically advancing the cause of universal access to quality education, and to connecting children from every corner of the Earth.

    The OLPC Director for Corporate and Foundation Outreach will:
  1. Aggressively seek out corporations and foundations interested in working with OLPC to saturate the world’s poorest countries with connected laptops filled with rich and dynamic educational software and content;
  2. Develop a long-term strategic plan which seeks to secure commitments for funding and in-kind support from corporations and foundations in key areas around the world, including but not limited to Afghanistan, Rwanda, Haiti and the Palestinian Territories;
  3. Work closely with OLPC global advocacy team in integrating corporate and foundation outreach and relationship building into the OLPC narrative;
  4. Work to enlist the support of “third-party validators” among business leaders and others to advocate for the cause of olpc world-wide;
  5. Organize site visits in Rwanda, Afghanistan, Haiti, Peru and elsewhere for corporate and foundation leaders; and
  6. Work specifically with OLPCorps team to raise funds for OLPCorps 2010.
  1. A passionate commitment to the cause of quality universal primary school education and utilizing laptops to help achieve that goal;
  2. Background and demonstrated success in raising resources from foundations;
  3. Background in development helpful;
  4. Excellent written and oral communications skills;
  5. Experience in working with people from a broad array of cultures;
  6. The willingness and creativity to do big things with limited resources;
  7. Experience in dealing with corporations and their social responsibility departments; and
  8. 5-8 years relevant experience required, masters degree preferred.

OLPC is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please send a copy of your CV and cover letter to: jobs-director-corpfndoutreach-int at