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Director of Marketing and Communications

The OLPC story needs to be told in a fashion that is as dramatic and daring as the transformation of a child’s education and her connection to the world and its infinite reservoir of knowledge. OLPC seeks a Director of Global Marketing and Communications who will strongly and proactively tell our story in a variety of forums including television, movies, print media, the web, and any other place where people get information. This outreach will not be limited to the United States but will be global in focus. In the OLPC world, Bollywood is as important as Hollywood, and stories that move members of the Diet and the Duma are as important as stories that move citizens from Kigali to Kalamazoo.

    The OLPC Global Marketing and Communications Director will:
  1. Reach out to global marketing and advertising agencies to acquire committed and extensive pro-bono assistance in helping OLPC shape and communicate its story;
  2. Work with agencies like Creative Artists Agency to help OLPC make in-roads in the world of entertainment;
  3. Work with major media buyers in the US and elsewhere to get OLPC commercials played on a pro-bono basis on television and radio stations around the world;
  4. Work with OLPC’s pro-bono communications firm in Boston on coordinating strategy and reaching out to new international press outlets where OLPC has been relatively quiet;
  5. Work to get the pro-bono commitment of high-profile directors to tell stories for OLPC in the form of commercials and other creative and visual media;
  6. Coordinate with OLPC staff focused on developing OLPC’s social media presence; and
  7. Report to Senior Director Global Advocacy.
  1. A passionate commitment to the cause of quality universal primary school education and utilizing laptops to help achieve that goal;
  2. A background in working with Marketing and Advertising agencies and related firms in the United States and elsewhere;
  3. A background in managing multi-faceted issue-oriented campaigns in a number of forums;
  4. Excellent written and oral communications skills;
  5. The willingness and creativity to do big things with limited resources;
  6. Some PR experience;
  7. Some experience in global development issues preferred, or at least a strong understanding of--and appreciation for-–the challenges of global development;
  8. 7 to 10 years relevant experience; and
  9. Fluency in French or Spanish preferred.

OLPC is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please send a copy of your CV and cover letter to: jobs-director-marketingcommunications-int at