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My journey with OLPC and Sugar

I've lost count of how many times the demise and resurrection of OLPC and Sugar have been proclaimed and celebrated. What makes these projects tick?  Grow?  I ask myself this question whenever I start feeling burned out, wondering why I remain attached to the project and this green machine.

My own journey with OLPC, Sugar and all things related, has been underway for years. I'm a techie at heart, a "thinly-disguised" business school professor, teaching IT strategy and researching business models and consumer behavior. Every once in a while, I'll sit down and compile a kernel, or run a packet sniffer.  (What can I say? It's instant gratification and a lot more fun :-) I think of the tech as the supply side of my interest: The XO makes for a great technology platform. The mesh (whether 802.11s or ad-hoc), suspend with the screen lit, robustness, low power, etc. is all very cool. Cool enough for a grown man to walk around with a funny-looking green machine slung around his shoulder.  The software stack too is amazing, flexible, free. The content is rich. Wikipedia in a box? Awesome! The tech definitely keeps me tethered. Then there's the demand side: a part of my family lives in rural India, in Bhagmalpur. A village where I have seen the simple life. Clean air, good food, quiet living. Its also stricken with poverty, sanitation issues, water shortages, and seriously untapped ingenuity

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Rwandan cellular compan Tigo prepares for a national rollout of Internet connectivity to the 55,000 primary school students and over 100 schools using XOs.

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OLPC Connecting the Unconnected. Positively impacting and changing lives of vulnerable kids with one xo laptop at a time. About Us. Home · About Us · Evaluation Reports · Volunteer tasks. Sunday, January 30, 2011 ...OLPC Connecting the Unconnected -

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OLPC Academy: The 2011 OLPC volunteer program

The OLPC Academy program was launched in 2010 to connect the world's top universities with 22 countries around the world who have embraced one laptop per child. Through the Academy program, Masters and PhD students as well as undergrads can get hands-on experience with OLPC schools in the field.Read more about the One Laptop Per Child Academy on

The African Union and One Laptop per Child signed today a Memorandum of Understanding in which they commit to provide laptops to primary school students .

The rollout of the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) programme has now been expanded to over 100 schools in Rwanda, says local lead Nkubito Bakuramutsa. Read the full story on allafrica.

February 16, 2011 (Addis Ababa) - African Union and One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) signed an agreement Wednesday aimed at making laptops accessible to students of primary schools in Ethiopia. Read more on this topic

On OLPC and what it means for women in tomorrow's workplace. From Sierra Leone's Sierra Express.

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