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Welcome: $35 tablet for education

India's HRD Minister Kapil Sibal spoke recently of a $35 tablet for Indian students.  In response, Nicholas published this open letter to India.  (Read it also in Hindi, Spanish, French, and German.) Read the rest of this entry

New Assessment Report on M&E Literature

OLPC learns and grows from every distribution, small or large, and actively seeks out feedback, documentation and analysis. OLPC partners and communities are critical contributors in this feedback loop and likewise are usually interested in how monitoring and evaluation studies from different countries can offer insight into successes and challenges of one laptop per child programs.Read the rest of this entry

The Philippines Department of Education started a one-laptop-per-pupil project on Lubang Island, supported by funds from a grassroots group.

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Observations + first analysis on OLPC Peru fieldwork and investigation

Antje Breitkopf is a student from Germany who spent 9 months last year in Peru, doing research and

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Betty Crocker's "Win One Give One" promotion active through May 2012

Betty Crocker / OLPC Win One Give One Promotion still active until May 2012 :
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The African Union and One Laptop per Child signed today a Memorandum of Understanding in which they commit to provide laptops to primary school students .

Dental leyɗe winndere nden holluno gila hitaande 2006, wondema ɓe wallitoto kawtal OLPC (One Laptop per Child) e ɗin golleeji maɓɓe fii saakitugol gannde Read more on

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Where once the idea of technology for young Africans meant bright green laptops in the hands of smiling schoolchildren, young people today are far more ambitious in their dreams.via Afrinnovator

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