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Nindoma Sherpa and a yak deliver XOs to Nepal

The WFP has been developing some lovely materials to support their work with OLPC in Nepal. In a recent animation short, Nim Doma Sherpa (the youngest woman to climb Mt. Everest) and an acrobatic yak (who seems to have been working with her for some time) snowboard down a mountain to deliver XOs to a school of children. Priceless.

eKindling makes strides in Lubang, Philippines

The eKindling project, a classroom XO project on the island of Lubang in the Philippines, is making good progress. They are supported by roughly 100 donors and organizers from across the Philippines. After a consultation visit this past winter, they recently purchased XOs for their school. They wrote up a project checklist, a 5-day teacher workshop schedule, and formed contacts with OLPC Friends, OLPC New Zealand, and Squeakland.Read the rest of this entry

Pixel Qi's 3Qi screen kit resumes shipping

Pixel Qi and Make ran through their stock of DIY kits for retrofitting a 3Qi screen into a standard laptop, on the first day they were available for sale.  But now the screen kits are back.  Check their list of definitely-compatible 10.1" laptops, or try it out on your own.

Welcome: $35 tablet for education

India's HRD Minister Kapil Sibal spoke recently of a $35 tablet for Indian students.  In response, Nicholas published this open letter to India.  (Read it also in Hindi, Spanish, French, and German.) Read the rest of this entry

Ein herzliches Willkommen dem 35$ Tablet PC für Bildung

Las es auch auf Englisch, Spanisch, und Französisch. One Laptop per Child (OLPC) begrüsst den Einsatz von Minister Kapil Sibal für einen $35 Tablet PC. Bildung ist der wichtigste Weg, um die die Armut zu besiegen, die Umwelt zu retten und Frieden auf der Welt zu erreichen.Read the rest of this entry

Bienvenida: La computadora tablet de $35 para la educación.

Leer también en Inglés, Alemán, y Francés. El proyecto Una laptop por Niño (OLPC por sus siglas en inglés) lo aplaude Ministro Kapil Sibal por la promoción de la computadora tablet de $35. La educación es la solución número uno para eliminar la pobreza, ayudar al medio ambiente y crear la paz mundial.Read the rest of this entry

Bienvenue : Une tablette à 35 dollars pour l'éducation

Lire aussi en anglais, espagnol, und allemand. One Laptop per Child (OLPC) félicite le Ministre Kapil Sibal de faire la promotion d'une tablette à 35 dollars. L'éducation est la première des solutions pour éliminer la pauvreté, préserver l'environnement et créer la paix dans le monde.Read the rest of this entry

OLPC Mongolia is pretty in pastel

OLPC Mongolia's national website has been steadily adding new information about their program, and their site looks beautiful. I need to get a proper translation of their blog, which often goes into extreme detail. They have charming walkthroughs for every core activity (here's WikipediaEN and Speak.

Read the rest of this entry