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XOs in Colombia: Caldas, Itagüí, and wonderful tools

Tech Crunch TV interviewed Maureen Orth recently on the introduction of OLPC in rural Colombia on their tl:dw videocast. This was a timely reminder that Colombia has been building a network of supporting pilots and foundations in the years since this first urban school began implementing OLPC.  The largest projects are in Medellín (Read the rest of this entry

Argentina embraces OLPC, supports Bolivia

This week, Argentina's president Cristina Kirchner oversaw the launch of the La Rioja deployment and the handout of XOs to roughly 2,000 students.  This was the public start to the 60,000-student deployment announced this spring, named the Joaquín V. González program after the distinguished politician and educator.  The program will provide an XO to every primary school student and teacher in the province by next year. Sabrina Díaz Rato reported on the event, with shout-outs to Claudia Urrea and Martin Langhoff, who are currently in Argentina helping the learning and technical teams of the project get off to a good start. But the most interesting part of the article comes at the end, where she summarizes related efforts by Walter Flores, Argentina's Education, Science and Technology minister. [caption id="attachment_2384" align="aligncenter" width="439" caption="Christina Kirchner presents an XO to a vested young girl"]Christina Kirchner presenting an XO to a young girl[/caption] Flores sees La Rioja's program becoming a model for an implementation that is interesting to other regions, and mentions some specific neighboring provinces looking for advice - the Argentine provinces of Catamarca, Corrientes, and Mendoza, Chile's Atacama region, and the Bolivian municipality of Yacuiba. Read the rest of this entry

Families are learning together through their laptops in Uruguay. Wired catches up with Miguel Brechner 3 years into their program, still the best example of national saturation of a 1-to-1 program anywhere in the world.

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Antigua signs a bilateral trade agreement with China that includes support for a program of laptops for their schoolchildren. These may not be XO laptops (we have not heard anything to that effect, and no details were yet offered), but it's fantastic to see this support for the olpc model entering the language of normal country trade & aid agreements

Observations + first analysis on OLPC Peru fieldwork and investigation

Antje Breitkopf is a student from Germany who spent 9 months last year in Peru, doing research and

Read the rest of this entry

OLPC Academy: The 2011 OLPC volunteer program

The OLPC Academy program was launched in 2010 to connect the world's top universities with 22 countries around the world who have embraced one laptop per child. Through the Academy program, Masters and PhD students as well as undergrads can get hands-on experience with OLPC schools in the field.Read more about the One Laptop Per Child Academy on

LEGO WeDo in Peru: children, robots and Scratch

Peru is implementing the first large-scale use of Lego WeDo kits this year, in classrooms with XOs and teachers that have learned how to program WeDo blocks in Scratch. This comes after two years of classroom testing and development. This year they have launched a national program to distribute WeDo kits to roughly 20,000 schools.
Read more via the OLPC blog.

Rodrigo at TEDx Rio: OLPC and the world's children

Rodrigo Arboleda spoke about OLPC at TEDxRio this week to a crowd of almost 1000, with 7000 people watching online. The conference was a big hit in the Brazilian blogosphere, and one of the top trending topics in the world that day. TEDx has really captured the essence of TED without much of the overhead, and it's great to see it flourishing.

The talk will be up online soon, and you should watch it; for now, here is a photo of one of the children in attendance at the event.