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Original by sverma on Tue, 07/09/2013 – 18:56

Every afternoon, when I go to pick up my daughters from school, I ask them “What did you do in school today?” Several years into the ritual, it has become a habitual question now, and I get varying degrees of responses from them, depending on their mood, and what they feel like sharing. To me, it’s of paramount importance to hear it from them.

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Rebecca Thompson (facilitator at Bruns Academy) did a phenomenal job articulating the message Knight, L.I.F.T. and OLPC are working to spread in Charlotte and throughout the country.
CMS Schools
Shot and edited By Shamus Coneys 2013

One Laptop Per Child Association Inc. (“OLPC”) wishes to respond to a recent post in OLPC News that contained several assertions that are contextually inaccurate and may lead to conclusions that are incorrect.

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Originaly posted in Nurarmenia Newsletter

Dear Friends,You can see below some pictures from our teachers´ trainings 2012.
Their success can be measured by the great work their students did during the past months, which we shared through these newsletters.
We are proud of their performance and are currently preparing a more challenging training for this year.
NUR team

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The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Gabon organized a five day One Laptop Per Child training on June 17 to 21, 2013. The training was conducted by One Laptop Per Child Association Inc. representatives from its regional office in Kigali.
The training was designed to give a comprehensive introduction to OLPC. The training explained the tremendous milestones achieved to date in providing educational opportunities to children around the world.

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OLPC is pleased to welcome Donna Mackenzie as its new CFO. Donna has extensive experience as a senior level finance executive. Prior to her position with OLPC, Donna served as CFO of IZEA, a social media marketing organization. Donna’s experience and expertise will serve OLPC well as it launches important new machines, software and services.

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Nothing empowers communities like education. That is why Turbana has partnered with One Laptop per Child to donate 1,800 new XO laptops to underpriviledged children in Uraba, Colombia.
One Laptop per Child is a foundation whose mission is to empower the world’s poorest children through education. They manufacture rugged, low cost laptops that connect children with the world and facilitate active learning, sharing and creating, thus providing an education needed for a prosperous future.


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The Zamora Teran Foundation is collaborating with the 1:1 project in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. They recently received a message from a representative of the M. of Education in Honduras:
…Extend our appreciation to the Zamora Terán Family, who have spared no effort and willingness to contribute to the education of our children, their expressions of solidarity really invite other entrepreneurs to share with a cheerful heart.

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From Planting the seeds of Education to achieving the UN Millenium Goals, Dignity, Social Equality and Transformation in the community with the OLPC program created by the OLPC 1:1 project in South Africa.

PDF: OLPC_JourneyMap