Our Work

Here’s how we come together:

Our team empowers yours.

Program Design

Our team designs training and educational programs that help your personnel, teachers, and volunteers navigate your community’s everyday obstacles. 

By determining each country’s academic and social conditions, we adopt digital tools, methods, and solutions, installing systems, and training instructors accordingly.

Teacher Training

Our design process considers the specific community that it is helping to develop local human talent better. Instructors learn the methods that help address competency issues, teach fundamental subjects, and monitor each child’s performance and program.  

We provide the know-how required to guide others and support parents in your community. Each step is carefully measured to empower and enable agents of change.

Technical Support

We never ‘set and forget.’ The digital world is ever-evolving, as is your community. We work with your team to keep your programs running and support any technical issues that arise. 

Our support and attention ensure that your program meets your objectives, leverages technology, and leaves no child behind.

  • “Behind every child there is a hidden genius.  Help us discover them.”

    María Josefina Terán de Zamora

Our work covers A to Z.

We educate program teams, teachers, and students.

Empower your team.

Empower every child.

OLPC: Learning Everywhere

We are more than a laptop project, we enable social transformation through learning and you can be a part...

Empower your team.